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During the pandemic, GP surgeries reached their capacity limits, making time for routine checks scarce – which are essential in preventing emergencies. This is why we started a planned care service to help practices complete long-term condition reviews and ensure patients are seen and heard.*


What is the long-term condition service?

Our planned care service is an easy two-step process. 

First, patients receive a text message, inviting them to complete a health survey regarding their long-term condition. Once filled in, results are risk assessed and reviewed by a nurse. Poorly controlled patients are invited for a consultation immediately.

Patients in need or want of a review can easily book a video or phone consultation at the desired time. After the review, they receive a care plan to be able to self-manage their condition in the best possible way.

Find more information on our service here: Annual Reviews


How does the service integrate with the Medloop app?

To date, all patients completed their survey or video call through a web link, sent through the invitation SMS. But since many people are using our app to connect with their GP already, we have now made our health survey as well as the video consultation available directly from our app!

This way, patients are reminded via push notification and can access all their information in one place. Also, no need to verify your date of birth, since you are already registered with the app.


Advantages of the in-app reviews

  • Fill out your annual review from the app
  • Book, edit and cancel annual review appointments
  • Receive appointment reminders
  • Join the remote consultation video call safely from the app
  • View and download your care plan

Give it a try and download the app or if you are already registered, check out this new feature.

Read about our app or download it here: Medloop Patient App

Take care!


*Note that this service is only available for patients of our partner practices.


Begin and complete the survey in the app

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Schedule your consultation

Schedule consultation

Booking confirmation for the consultation

Appointment booked


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