Same-day Capacity Overflow Service

Medloop offers a ‘triage and treat’ system using ARRS funded practitioners and GPs providing treatment for patients whose practices have reached their daily capacity.

Care issues

How the capacity overflow service works

Medloop is your partner for delivering on the day appointments for your patients using digital pathways and experienced clinicians.
We are a specialised company providing an overflow service to meet on the day patient demand. Our ‘triage and treat’ system provides same day calls and rapid treatment for patients who may otherwise resort to an MIU or A&E. As each area is different, with its own unique patient population, we offer a bespoke service to fit the needs of your PCN such as onsite or remote clinicians and GPs.

Care Process


‘We aim to provide the patients with a consistent service which does not differ from the practice process. No patient should ever feel like they are ‘second best’ and with Medloop, they won’t.’

Patients at the core

Continuity of care

We employ a wide variety of clinicians to meet multiple patient needs including GPs, clinical pharmacists and physiotherapists to provide the best care for your patients and help manage patient demand which could otherwise result in symptom exacerbations or presentation at emergency care.

Our emphasis is on the continuity of care which puts patients at the core of our service. At Medloop, our policy is for continuous feedback and improvements to the service we provide to you and your patients based on real time experiences. Unlike other providers, we allocate specific clinicians to each contract, based on your requirements. This is ensuring that patients receive said continuity of care and practitioners a feel and understanding of the local pathways.

We’re passionate about providing quality care to all patients which is why our service is designed to have a high level across your PCN, minimising variations of care. You can be confident that, regardless of whichever of our clinicians treat your patients, they can expect to receive the most suitable care for them.

Patient experience

We want the patient experience to be just the same as if they were being triaged and seen by their regular GP or practice staff. From the patient’s perspective, it should be no different. They call up on the day with their requests and we help you to deliver care to your patient population without them feeling as though they are part of an overflow process.

Our clinicians are selected on their experience and dedication to patient care, just as yours are. Our aim is that patients cannot see the difference between your service and ours: they just receive excellent, timely care.

What defines our service


We know the pressure primary care is under which is why we align our services to centrally funded resources. These can include practitioners such as first contact physios, social prescribers, paramedics and clinical pharmacists employed via the ARRS.

We also constantly monitor changes to QOF, IIF and any locally enhanced services to ensure our service meets any of these requirements and draw down on available funding.



At Medloop our goal is to provide you with a service which is at the forefront of healthcare innovation but comes complete with practical, easy to use tools. 

Fully integrated with major practice management software, our clinicians can securely access patient records and code directly back into the patient’s file. 

We have designed our service to allow for all data to be collected centrally, seamlessly integrating with your PCN’s requirements for IIF.

And because we know the value of working as a team across the whole network, all clinicians can write into the patient record across all practices within the Primary Care Network.



We’ve a great product right now, but the world of healthcare technology is constantly moving with new services and ways of working to make it even better!

Our promise to you is simple: By partnering with Medloop not only do you meet the challenges of understaffed areas by employing the most current technology, you also reap the benefits of ongoing improvements.

You can be confident that your PCN will be at the forefront of innovative excellence with regular systems improvements and solutions focused project managers working with you to design the most suitable solution for you and your patients.


Our commitment to you

We want this to be a partnership. Our service isn’t an ‘off the shelf’ solution you must make fit your unique requirements: it’s a bespoke service we design with you to meet your patient population and staffing needs. It’s the couture of healthcare technology without the designer price tag.

We want to understand the current and potential issues in your service delivery and help alleviate them using digital pathways and excellent communication.

As your technology and delivery partner, you benefit from updated software tools regardless of when our partnership started.

With Medloop, you also get a dedicated customer delivery manager and can help design our future products based on your experience of what primary care needs to help it continue to deliver for patients.

You are also the first to hear about any new products we have and can be the first to test it.

It’s part of our mission to deliver the best for primary care.

About Medloop

Medloop is an NHS digital assured provider built in collaboration with primary care practitioners to best serve PCN and patient needs. Our passion is to let the power of technology unlock the potential in primary care. We looked at the post COVID world and designed a way of using our technology to make a real difference. We’re not about a quick fix: we want to leave a legacy that can continue to help people for years to come.

We work with EMIS practices and are integrated with IM1.
Data Security and Protection Toolkit (8K943) assured.
We have ISO 27001:2013 certification

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