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At Medloop we aim to enrich the connection between patients and caregivers through improved access, personalisation, and preventative healthcare for all.

About us

Primary care has taken ill – it’s slow and reactive, but most importantly, there is no fast, easy way to connect patients and their caregivers, replacing lengthly processes and redundant appointments. Prevention is often an afterthought and time-consuming administrative tasks further complicate the day-to-day life on all sides.

At Medloop, we are on a mission to revive this connection by closing the loops. Medical professionals get a real-time overview of their patient population to provide purposeful and, above all, preventative care. Each individual patient becomes empowered by this new relationship and by owning and monitoring their data.

But we are more than a middleman. Working with doctors and health insurers in the UK, we have built a data-driven, smart, cloud-based solution that provides GPs and patients with valuable insights and meaningful impulses for action.

Our multi-faceted approach was designed to shift the paradigm of care in a new direction. The future of healthcare starts now.

About us
Shishir Singhee
Shishir Singhee, CEO

Good health is everybody’s business

People talk to me about their healthcare all the time – that comes with the territory. What I have learned from countless interactions is that we all have a healthcare story, some trivial, some more dramatic.

My own journey was related to a back issue that bothered me for a long time. I ran from doctor to doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong and how I could be helped. In the process, the same tests were repeated over and over again – it was draining. But I didn’t grasp the severity of the underlying systemic problem until I started working at a medical start up, providing patients with second opinions to improve their care. It was disheartening to see all those people going through what I had experienced, often for much more severe illnesses. Often, patients were not able to receive an informed expert medical opinion because they did not have all their medical results on hand. Moreover, patients had a limited overview of their health in general.

As such, Medloop was born – to enable patients to have access to their full care record in their pocket, so that in the future, people can receive the help they truly need. With their own data in hand, patients cannot only avoid repetitive testing, they can detect changes at an early stage and take matters into their own hands, advocating for themselves. With Medloop, we have laid the groundwork for the fundamental changes our healthcare needs and I am confident that in the years to come, we will be able to rebuild the system.

We’re putting it into practice.

Our international team takes health seriously and passionately works toward better care.

Shishir Singhee
Shishir Singhee

Chief Executive Officer

Laura Louise Hollands

Operations Lead

Naveen Kandula

Backend Developer

Dan Loach

Design Manager

Mark Hughes

IT Admin

Prawin Mirampalli
Prawin Mirampalli

Agile Delivery Manager

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Our clinical team

Dr Sandeep Geeranavar

MBChB, BSc, MRCGP (2010)
General Practitioner

Laurentiu Arion
Dr Laurentiu Arion

BA (Hons), MSc, MA
General Practitioner

Anni Dutt
Dr Anni Dutt

General Practitioner

Glen Rowley

PGDip, MCPara
Advanced Paramedic Practitioner

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It’s rare to find a company where everybody geniunely likes each other, but as cheesy as it sounds, we really do.


We value and celebrate diversity with our colleagues of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world.



Everybody has their own healthcare story and at Medloop, we are passionate about changing the way primary care is delivered.

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Well-located office

We are working and meeting at our office in Marylebone, close to Oxford Street.

International team

Work with teammates from all over the world (UK, Germany, India, ...).

Team lunch

Bond with the team when meeting in the London office.

Remote work

We provide you with a laptop you can use wherever you like.

Office treats

Enjoy tea, coffee & more.



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