Save up to 3 minutes per consultation

Our brand new AI-assisted telephony tool Scribe transcribes and distils your consultation into structured and SNOMED coded medical notes, leaving you to focus on patient care.

Save up to 3 minutes per consultation
Distraction-free focus on your patients
Precise clinical coding at the click of a button

How does Scribe work?


1. Start your consultation on our platform

Simply open our platform and begin your consultation. No need to worry about note-taking.


2. Receive Summarised and Coded Medical Note

Once the consultation has finished, our tool will compose a transcript, summarising it into a succinct SNOMED-coded medical note format.

3. Save with a single click to record

Click ‘file’ to automatically save the medical note to the record along with relevant codes.

About our Automated Medical Notes

We’re all about generating efficiencies in Primary Care. Up to now, copious note-taking and laborious coding have meant less time and focus for patients. Let’s change that together. Our new tool Scribe uses AI technology to transcribe and synthesise your consultations into Medical Notes that can be saved to the record in one click of a button.

We work with EMIS practices and are integrated with IM1.
Data Security and Protection Toolkit (8K943) assured.
We have ISO 27001:2013 certification

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