Planned Care​

We define planned care as any patient interaction that can be scheduled or pre-arranged in primary care. We support specifically with: 

  • Long term condition reviews and chronic disease management 
  • QOF attainment for practices and IIF attainment for PCNs
  • Bookings for patient cohorts such as Flu, Vaccination clinics, Learning Difficulties and Screenings 

Medloop provides planned care services to increase capacity at practice, PCN and ICS levels. 

Using our end to end software enables primary care practitioners to treat and manage the health of their patient population in a structured, efficient way.

Planned care cycle

Medloop helps ICSs, PCNs & GP practices

With an estimated 26 million people in England living with at least one long term condition and some ten million with two or more we know there is a real need for improved, simple ways to manage and monitor the health of your patient population.

Patients are becoming used to filling in surveys electronically and using Medloop allows patients with chronic diseases to complete reviews online, decreasing administrative time for both practice and patients and freeing up appointments for those requiring face to face consultations or urgent care.

We don’t just collect data from your patients and send you a PDF; our software assigns a score and risk level based on survey results and NICE guidelines, allowing clinicians to prioritise urgent cases, helping to avoid exacerbation of symptoms and urgent care.

What would you like to improve in your organisation?

QOF attainment

Optimise patient identification and produce automated recall for QOF registers

LTC management

Safe, clinically assured long term condition reviews coded directly into a patient’s record.


Manage bookings for flu, vaccination clinics, learning difficulties, screenings and more.

QOF attainment

How we help manage patient health

We take your administrative workload and turn it into easy to use data to optimise patient identification and produce automated recall for QOF registers. But we don’t just stop there. Our dashboard helps you increase your clinical outreach and maximise QOF points by identifying currently undiagnosed ‘at risk’ patients and allowing you to engage in preventative care.

value proposition
1. Risk stratification

Identify your patients’ risk by using digital tools to review patients’ information such as ATC scores as well as highest QOF value patients to help you manage resources effectively.

2. Triage & Recall

Automatically sends disease-specific surveys to identified patients and books appointments with appropriate clinicians. We also provide an outreach telephonic service to ensure we are bridging the digital divide.

3. Optimise Review

Attain maximum QOF points by using our team of registered nurses to complete quality patient reviews remotely without the need for expensive locums.

Long term conditions review

The Quality and Outcomes Framework for 2021/22 includes chronic disease review targets. Many practices may deliver patient reviews remotely, where clinically appropriate to do so, and can use the PMO to deliver safe, clinically assured reviews with SNOMED codes inputted directly into a patient’s record.

Benefits of using Medloop

More than a promise, our partner practices see results

Key results from partner practices illustrate the numerous time and cost savings benefits our integrated solution offers.

40% of Consultation Time Saved per Target Patient
40% of Maximum QoF points achieved over 4 weeks for monitored indicators
40% in Reduced Costs per Patient Review
QOF Expenses
'Recoding accurate SNOMED codes is fundamental to driving better care for our patients. The recent pandemic has highlighted this issue and its importance. Medloop helps to ensure accurate, valid codes are used when conducting long term condition reviews.’
Jay Verma
Dr Jay Verma
GP Partner

Medloop’s Population Health Manager

Learn how we can make 40% savings on LTC reviews in our video.

*Medloop’s Patient Management Optimiser integrates with EMIS for storing patient records.

Bookings and patient management

Appointment Booking

Booking appointments is an essential part of primary care – and it can be very time consuming for both patients and practice staff.

Medloop allows teams to plan clinics and see the maximum number of patients by allowing both clinicians and patients to book eligible patients. Patients can be booked manually by practice staff or book themselves in when invited.

Changes to appointments can be made by practice or Medloop clinicians as well as patients to minimise DNAs and make the best use of your team’s time and facilities.

Batch SMS

Mass messaging of eligible patients speeds up appointment booking for patients and staff.

Booking manager

Booking Manager can be used to invite and book patients into clinics for a variety of services including screenings and immunisations.

Admin digitalisation

Allows better access to practice for acute patients and reduces burden on staff by digitalising routine administrative procedures.

Calendar Management

We’ve removed the frustration of logging in and out of different programmes, which makes it ideal for staff working across a PCN. With Medloop you need one tool to complete tasks from start to finish.

With the increased use of clinical teams working across multiple practices and conducting appointments via telephone or video, having access to multiple staff calendars and view clinic capacity ahead of time can allow you to maximise your team’s capacity and avoid wasted ‘down time’.

Appointment manager

View appointments based on location, staff member or condition.

Shared resources

Allows PCNs to share and maximise resources using one calendar.

Data security

One data sharing agreement across a PCN.

Single sign-on

Allows staff to use one programme for LTC reviews, appointment booking and structured medication reviews.

About Medloop

Medloop is an NHS digital assured provider built in collaboration with primary care practitioners to best serve PCN and patient needs. Our passion is to let the power of technology unlock the potential in primary care. We looked at the post COVID world and designed a way of using our technology to make a real difference. We’re not about a quick fix: we want to leave a legacy that can continue to help people for years to come.

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We're assured by NHS Digital
We work with EMIS practices and are integrated with IM1
Data Security and Protection Toolkit (8K943) assured
We have ISO 27001:2013 certification

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