Administration Relief

Medloop processes your practice’s incoming admin e.g. letters, blood results, medication reviews etc, using our administrative hub.

Economy of scale
We are able to reduce the cost of processing each item due to our batch processing admin from multiple practices and PCNs. This means we can help you save money on your admin.

We code all admin and file it to the record.

Additional clinician resource
Medloop can provide clinicians to perform onward actions e.g. referrals, reviews, medication changes etc.

How does it work?

1.Document Processing

Demographic information is extracted and matched with the patient. The document is then filed to the clinical system.

2. Coding

The extracted document data is read-coded and confirmed by our admin staff.                          

3. Tasking

Our admin staff task the document to the appropriate clinician (e.g. Clinical Pharmacist, GP) for onwards action.

About Medloop

Medloop is an NHS digital assured provider built in collaboration with primary care practitioners to best serve PCN and patient needs. Our passion is to let the power of technology unlock the potential in primary care. We looked at the post COVID world and designed a way of using our technology to make a real difference. We’re not about a quick fix: we want to leave a legacy that can continue to help people for years to come.

We work with EMIS practices and are integrated with IM1.
Data Security and Protection Toolkit (8K943) assured.
We have ISO 27001:2013 certification

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