You wouldn’t drive without a seatbelt

Why would you not apply the same preventative mindset to your health?

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*Our patient app currently works with the majority of UK GP practices (who are EMIS Web compatible) and individual practices in Germany.

Too often, getting good care can be challenging;

from far-off appointments to complicated medical language and non-transparent results, there are lots of barriers to good care. We want you to make informed decisions and take control of your health. For this purpose, we have developed a tool that offers functions going beyond those of other medical apps.


The fast lane to better care

A more meaningful connection with your physician

Chat with your practice,

ask questions and get confirmations.

Schedule appointments

with a few simple clicks – no phone calls required. Specify what kind of care you need for faster and purposeful appointments.

Renew prescriptions

without seeing your doctor.

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You’re in the driver’s seat

Empower yourself with the help of Medloop

Own your data,

Wherever you are, you can always have your personal health data to hand. Attend your consultations with your test results easily accessible for you and your clinician, safe in the knowledge it is stored securely.
Our graphics make your health insights easy to read and allow you to interpret what your results mean. You can keep track of how each biomarker develops over time and check your health is heading in the right direction. Any issues can be detected as early as possible, putting you in charge of your own wellbeing.

Take control of your health!

We will alert you when you’re eligible for check-ups, vaccinations and other care events to make sure you never miss an appointment.

A proprietary rule engine

Powered by clinically proven, evidence-based medical rules from leading health organisations such as the NHS in the UK, we have created a rule engine designed to bring you the best preventative care possible by analysing your medical data.

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We take your data security seriously

We use two-factor authentication.
We use encrypted lines for all communication.
We encrypt data on transport.
We use identity verification.
We use nationally localized servers which are ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified.
We have a continuous process of security improvements (e.g. routine pen tests).

Welcome to the future of connected healthcare.

The Medloop app saves time for you and your doctor, meaning that you both get to focus on what’s most important.

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Download the free app today

*Our patient app currently works with the majority of UK GP practices (who are EMIS Web compatible).

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