Using Medloop just got even easier – with NHS login

NHS Login

The NHS login is now available for the Medloop app! Our newest feature allows patients in England to register with the Medloop app without needing to contact their GP surgery – or visiting it for that matter. The verification can be completed online which means that patients do not have to go to their practice in order to use NHS digital services. This service is now available in our app for apple and android users!

Medloop works with more than 50% of practices in the UK. Sign up using the NHS login now and stay on top of your health!


Registration screen

What has changed?

You are not sure what we are getting at? So far, you have had to request a linkage key from your practice in order to register for our app. This will not be necessary anymore, but still available if you prefer to do so.

From our app registration screen, you will be able to choose between both options. You can click on the button ‘Sign up using the NHS login’ and you will be directed to the NHS website where you will have to verify your identity.

Have your NHS login data ready or use the NHS login process to sign up.


Why you should recommend Medloop to your family and friends

The Medloop app connects you to your GP surgery. Use it to order repeat prescriptions, book appointments, chat with your practice, see test results or even nominate a pharmacy. The Medloop app saves time for you and your doctor, meaning that you both get to focus on what’s most important.

Download Medloop and find out for yourself. Also: Please recommend us to your family and friends! Medloop is an easy way for everyone to keep track of their health.

You can now recommend us directly through our app. How does it work?

  • Log in to the app and go to your profile (bottom right of the navigation bar)
  • Scroll down to the ‘Help’ section. Now click on ‘Refer a friend’
  • Adapt the message or just send the message as is to your friend through the channel of your choice (via text, social media,…).

Easy as that!


How does the sign up work now?

You can read more about the NHS login process on the NHS website. Click here to learn more: NHS Login Guide.

Once you are done, you can log in to the Medloop application with the NHS login details and use the app the same way as before.

Should you have any further questions about this new feature please check our FAQ or contact us at!


What’s in it for me as a user of the Medloop app?

Not only is it easier to register with Medloop, but existing users should also consider the NHS Login. We have summarised the advantages for you below.

When switching to NHS login:

  • It will become easier to change practices, for example when you move to a different region
  • Use the login for other services like digital services for specific conditions, such as diabetes
  • Your data will be synced automatically, e.g. your address or phone number
  • It acts as a single sign-on and there is no need for password resetting
  • One account for all health-related services

Don’t miss out: Use the NHS login – and tell your friends about it. Medloop is a safe way for you and your loved ones to keep track of your health!


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