Patient Management Optimiser: the new way to deliver chronic condition reviews

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We’re here to help GPs provide the best care for their patients

Medloop’s Patient Management Optimiser is an end to end software tool which enables primary care practitioners to treat and manage the health of their patient population.  

Designed for GP practices, PCNs and ICS’s, it is designed to deliver quality reviews for patients with long term conditions and comes with an additional booking tool which can be used for multiple services from cancer screening to vaccination clinics. 

A complete solution for the whole practice

A letter sent by the Doctors’ Association UK to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock MP, has called for a review into the ‘unprecedented demand on General Practice’.

In March, NHS England said that primary care is delivering around seven million consultations a week – up around one million on pre pandemic levels. But the association has warned that the current workload is still not meeting demand. We want to help.

Our products are designed to help those working in primary care perform at their best. We’re a true end to end solution for one reason: to make things easier for you and your patients. 

Medloop for Long Term Conditions  

With an estimated 26 million people in England living with at least one long term condition and some ten million with two or more, there has never been a greater need for software which helps practices manage their chronic disease reviews. 

The PMO is designed to risk stratify your patient with chronic diseases, allowing them to fill in health questionnaires on their phone or computer in their own time – decreasing administrative time for the practice and reducing the need for face to face appointments.

But we want to help address health inequalities which can be exacerbated by digital poverty. That’s why we don’t just provide the clever tech – it comes with a team of caring humans to contact those patients who have not responded to SMS messages and help them fill in surveys and book appointments.

We’re much more than just a text booking service: our software ‘add ons’ are real people.

Benefits of the PMO:

  • Avoids telephone booking waiting times
  • Highest risk patients given priority including medication updates
  • Well controlled patients receive care plans and medication intervention as needed
  • SNOMED codes filed directly into patient record
  • No administrative burden for clerical staff
  • More cost effective and timely than running reviews the old school way! 

Medloop for QOF 

SNOMED codes

The Quality and Outcomes Framework for 2021/22 includes chronic disease review targets. Many practices may deliver patient reviews remotely, where clinically appropriate to do so, and can use the PMO to deliver safe, clinically assured reviews with SNOMED codes inputted directly into a patient’s record.

“Recoding accurate SNOMED codes is fundamental to driving better care for our patients. The recent pandemic has highlighted this issue and its importance. Medloop helps to ensure accurate, valid codes are used when conducting long term condition reviews.”

Jay Verma

Dr Jay Verma, GP Partner Shakespeare Health Centre 


Booking Management

Booking appointments is an essential part of primary care – and it can be very time consuming for both patients and practice staff.

When you use Medloop for your Long Term Condition reviews, you automatically get our booking tool which you can use to streamline other work practises such as ‘flu clinics, cancer screenings and baby immunisations. It’s another way in which Medloop’s PMO can help your practice see more patients within your existing time limits and meet QOF.


  • Mass messaging of eligible patients speeds up appointment booking for patients and staff
  • Booking Manager can be used to invite and book patients into clinics for a variety of services including screenings and immunisations.
  • Allows better access to practice for acute patients by digitalising routine administrative procedures

Medloop for simplicity

Calendar Management 

We’ve removed the frustration of logging in and out of different programmes: With Medloop you need one tool to complete tasks from start to finish. 


  • One sign on allows staff to use one programme for reviews, booking and ??
  • One data sharing agreement across a PCN
  • Allows PCNs to share and maximise resources using one calendar.

Our team would love to provide a demonstration on how the PMO can help you and your colleagues deliver excellent patient care and maximise clinician time in a world where more is being demanded of GPs. 

Contact us to arrange an appointment! 



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