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Medloop offers a range of software for primary care providers; from ICSs through to individual GP practices. Our goal is to help you bring joined up, accessible care to the whole patient population. We provide a range of tools to help PCNs share and manage resources and allow member practices to integrate seamlessly. 

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We work with EMIS practices and are integrated with IM1.
Data Security and Protection Toolkit (8K943) assured.
We have ISO 27001:2013 certification

A complete solution for the whole practice

Our products are designed to help those working in primary care perform at their best. We’re a true end to end solution for a reason: to make things easier for you and your patients. 

Capacity overflow service​

Medloop offers a ‘triage and treat’ system using ARRS funded practitioners and GPs providing treatment for patients whose practices have reached their daily capacity.​

Long term care management

We provide scheduled or pre-arranged primary care services to increase capacity at practice, PCN and ICS levels. Our support includes: Long term condition reviews, QOF attainments and bookings for routine clinics. Using our end to end software enables primary care practitioners to treat and manage the health of their patient population in a structured, efficient way.

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Why Medloop?

Using Medloop means just one data agreement for end-to-end care. Primary Care Networks can sign up and work collectively across GP practices delivering for patients and allowing you to meet QOF targets easily.
We provide clinically comprehensive reviews including medication reviews and care plans delivering long term benefits for your patient population and allowing your team to work at the top of their skill set.
We don’t just text: our additional patient outreach means you can reach your vulnerable patient populations including those not comfortable with digital communication or hesitant about vaccinations or screenings.

Welcome to the future of connected healthcare.

The Medloop app saves time for you and your doctor, meaning that you both get to focus on what’s most important.

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We take your data security seriously

Your data is safe thanks to two-factor authentication and identity verification. Our infrastructure server security uses encrypted lines. All data is encrypted during transport and our servers are located in secure AWS data centres (ISO 27001 & ISO 9001) . You can be assured that we have taken all common safety precautions and are pursuing a continuous process to improve safety (e.g. routine pen tests).

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