Medloop’s Patient Management Optimiser

We can save you 40% on long term conditions review. Sound good? Find out how in our video.

We cover three areas of patient management

We take your administrative workload and turn it into easy to use data to optimise patient identification and produce automated recall for QoF registers. But we don’t just stop there. Our dashboard helps you increase your clinical outreach and maximise QoF points by identifying currently undiagnosed ‘at risk’ patients and allowing you to engage in preventative care.

value proposition
1. Identify patient

Identify your highest risk and highest QOF value patients to help you manage resources effectively

2. Triage & Recall

Automatically sends disease-specific surveys to identified patients and books appointments with appropriate clinicians.

3. Optimise Review

Attain maximum QOF points by using our team of registered nurses to complete quality patient reviews remotely without the need for expensive locums.

More than a promise, our partner practices see results

Key results from partner practices illustrate the numerous time and cost savings benefits our integrated solution offers.

40% of Consultation Time Saved per Target Patient
40% of Maximum QoF points achieved over 4 weeks for monitored indicators
40% in Reduced Costs per Patient Review
QOF Expenses

Helping commissioning bodies provide digital excellence

Reduce A&E admissions*

Effective management of LTC patients via Remote Reviews and surveys [1]

Patient empowerment to self manage their LTC through increased engagement [2]

Flexible on-demand staffing

Specialist Medloop Nurse Panel to alleviate burden of LTC patient management [3]

On Demand PN / ANP expertise across multiple LTCs to augment practice resource

Administrative relief

Optimised Patient Identification and automated recall for QOF / DES Registers and custom searches

Survey responses coded back into PMR with specified appointment scheduling (disease, clinician, modality)

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